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Roasted Lamb Shoulder

Mechoui is traditionally prepared by roasting a whole lamb either on a spit over a fire or in a pit in the ground. The meat is eaten by hand with salt and cumin for dipping.

As most home ovens can't accommodate a whole lamb, this mechoui recipe calls for very slowly roasting a leg of lamb or shoulder in the oven until the meat is tender enough to pull off the bone.

Slow roasting with a very low temperature can take up to nine hours, depending on the thickness of the cut, but you'll find the long cooking time well worth the wait as the meat will be so buttery tender that it can easily be pulled from the bone by hand—which is how it's traditionally eaten anyway! 

If such a long, slow roast won't work with your schedule, directions for shorter roasting methods are included. All three methods can be used to roast a half lamb or very small whole lamb if your oven can accommodate those larger roasts.

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